I was suffering from severe writer’s block on a night that I had dedicated to content creation and my girlfriend came to the rescue and inspired me over a phone call. The result was this free verse poem that will most likely be included in my final portfolio. I have revised it only slightly since the night I wrote it, changing a few words and breaking the phrases into tighter syllabic lines.

for Carly

I am a net
made of holes
eaten through pages of battered books.
Throw me
into a stream of consciousness.
Drag me
through the scum of this floor
‘till I reach rocky shore where I arrive now widened.

You cross your eyes at my dotted t’s,
trying to read between my lines.

Mineral-rich silt
reeking of life lived on the bottom will fall,
painting pictures of every time I dove deep
for what was lying overhead.

I spell out
in big letters
for my liberators to see
send them home
with signal fire
and lie on my back
to feel the earth harden along my spine
as I pull new limbs from the banks.



And walk along the shore.
Feel these corners impress upon what I once was.
I leave my mark
for the rising tide
and fill these pages with the name
of the one who loved me
long before I came up for air.

featured photo credit Carly Matthew

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